African Synergy

203 Beyers Naude Drive, Unit 6, Northcliff Office Park, Johannesburg, 2195


African Synergy consists of Anke Paterson and Liesel Visagie. Together they represent an excellent collection of superb African products which have been personally endorsed with our stamp of approval before being accepted into our fold.

African Synergy have a wide web of steadily maintained relationships with tour operators, travel agents and the corporate market. They firmly believe that their relationships are one of the two key ingredients in the mix - the other is the product.

At their core level, African Synergy believe in transparent relationships and communications; integrity in the field at all times; fair representation of our valued products and an honest presentation of suitable solutions to suit a client's expectations, profile and business model. African Synergy understand that markets have specific needs and aim to target and meet those needs to the optimum benefit of all concerned.

African Synergy have a passion for South Africa! They remain committed to enhancing and stimulating tourism for the greater good of the people and remarkable places of the rainbow nation. It is with great pride and carefully placed responsibility that they act as South African ambassadors both locally and abroad.

African Synergy is the bridge between product and client. Their strength lies in our associations.