Durban Green Corridor

31 Stiebel Place, Durban, KwaZulu Natal


The Durban Green Corridor focuses on the development of a network of trails and the promotion of related sports within the valley and aims to ensure growth and sustainability and the support and involvement of the local business sector, sports bodies, environmental groups and funding partners.

The uMngeni Valley is a vast playground of adventure sports for outdoor enthusiasts and along with the majestic terrain, natural beauty and rural Zulu culture, there are great opportunities to promote tourism.

Since 2010, the Durban Green Corridor programme seeks to integrate nature rehabilitation, conservation and environmental awareness, youth development and local economic growth through adventure sport and eco-tourism within the uMngeni River Valley.

The Green Hub

Next to the uMngeni River estuary lies the "Green Hub" which is the centre of the Durban Green Corridor initiative. The Green Hub is an environmental friendly building, which is designed to inspire through building design and technology to reduce water and energy consumption. The Green Hub serves as an eco-tourism information and environmental education centre which is active in promoting local environmental clean-ups, outdoor activities and education programmes for schools and local residents.

The Green Hub offers:

  • Bookings for Durban Green Corridor tours - Enquire and book uMngeni Adventures, iSithumba Adventures and eNanda Adventures tours and activities.
  • Eco-tourism information - Get information about various outdoor activities and nature reserves within the eThekwini area as well as educational material regarding environmental issues and green lifestyle.
  • Sport equipment hire - Hire canoes, mountain bikes and pedal cars suitable for adults and children to enjoy a day outdoors with friends and the whole family.
  • Youth development - The Green Hub runs a youth programme which engages kids through organised sport activities and arts, improves ecological understanding and develops skills valuable for their future careers.
  • School Education Packages - Schools have the opportunity to enquire a customised package with aims to enhance kids' knowledge about local eco-habitats and can include excursions as well as various arts and drama programmes.
  • Events - The Green Hub organises public events, such as trail sports and environmental clean-up events.
  • Venue hire - The Green Hub facilities can be booked for corporate events as well as private functions, such as meetings and birthday parties, located beautifully on the banks of the estuary.

uMngeni Adventure

The uMngeni River estuary is one of the most important bio-diversity assets within the eThekwini Municipal area, having one of the few remaining estuarine habitats on the KwaZulu-Natal coastline. Visitors experience the combination of the beach, estuary and the river with all their associated activities and offerings.

Guided tours along the estuary trails (mountain biking, running, walking, bird-watching and canoeing) will be tailored to suit your time and interests. All walks, running and cycling routes are easy to moderate in level of difficulty.

iSithumba Adventures

iSithumba is a rural and authentic Zulu village, situated in the unique Valley of 1000 Hills and only 40 minutes drive west of Durban. It offers outdoor and culture enthusiasts a magnificent landscape of scenic mountain peaks and cliffs, meandering rivers, green valleys and abundant forests. For your active outdoor adventure, mountain bikes are available for hire on site.

Enanda Adventure

The Inanda Dam and its surrounds, located only 30 minutes drive from Durban, is the perfect place for adventure sports. Whether you love mountain biking, hiking or various water sports activities, Inanda offers you ideal conditions. The surroundings of Inanda Dam currently offer more than 100 km of beautiful and maintained trails. But make sure not to miss the breath-taking hike around the local gorge with its impressive uMzinyathi Waterfall and Rastafarian Cave. The area around Inanda Dam is also highly spiritual land with its predominant traditional African Shembe religion.

The Durban Green Corridor runs a Trail Centre adjacent to the dam which functions as a centre of all outdoor activities and offers braai facilities, sanitation as well as secure parking. For your outdoor experience, mountain bikes, canoes and kayaks are available for hire on site.