Freedom Cafe

37 St Mary’s Avenue, Greyville


Well known as one of Durban's most interesting creatives and founder of ad agency Modern Museum, as well as The Space chain of fashion stores, Neil's new hotel was the perfect place to finally open his own restaurant: Freedom Cafe.

Set in a bright red shipping container, it's a relaxed spot. The food is equally laid-back and easy to prepare - exactly what's needed when you're having a good time with friends.

As always, Neil's books are peppered with humour, fun design elements and that quintessential feel-good factor that recognises what it is to be truly local - something so few South African books manage to capture with style.

Neil Roake's love of good food has brought him happy friends and a skewer-full of awards, including Best Barbeque and Outdoor Cookbook in the World at the international Gourmand Awards for Life's A Beach Cottage.