Highland Coffee Roastery

Maluti Highlands Centre, Corner of Market St & Roos, Clarens


Highland Coffee Roastery is situated in Clarens, Free State, South Africa; where they roast only 100% Arabica beans. The shop is in the Maluti Highlands Centre, where you can sit and relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful view.

According to owner Chris Pefanis, Coffee should be treated as any other fresh produce, and as for any fruit or vegetables which are at their best "fresh from the farm", should ideally be purchased at the source - a coffee roastery.

It is then that the real intricacy and depth of flavours can truly be experienced. Clarens is in the fortunate position to have one such establishment, and has been since late 2009.

Coffee-roasting culture is growing in South Africa, as it has in much of the rest of the world, and it’s getting easier to find fresh coffee in your region. Hunt down your nearest roaster and spend a bit of time with them discussing your tastes. Try an unblended bean, try a different roast - savour the tastes and find what really makes you go "Aaaah...".