Hirsch's Air - Umhlanga

3 Tetford Circle, La Lucia Ridge, Umhlanga, KwaZulu Natal


Hirsch’s, a name synonymous with service and brand excellence has taken the home appliance world by storm! Allan Hirsch and his wife Margaret started their family run appliance business in a tiny showroom in Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Durban, in 1979 with just R900 that they had saved.

Today Hirsch’s has grown into a chain of mega appliance and home furnishing stores in KZN and Gauteng and Allan hopes to top the R1 billion turnover milestone by 2012.

Hirsch’s has built a strong base of customers over the years, first with repairs and second-hand repaired appliances and then as a fully fledged appliance retailer.

Growing at a phenomenal pace, launching, on average, one store every two years, the Hirsch siblings Richard and Luci joined the company in 1998 and have since worked their way up the ranks to become KZN regional manager and public relations officer respectively.

Together, this family form a formidable force supported by their management team who have a strong commitment to the same goals.

This team is backed by 600 permanent employees and about 400 casual staff members who are as dedicated to the company as the Hirsch’s and their management team are. Over the years the company has continued to build a solid reputation by being associated with big brands, giving good service and carrying a wide range of products for the home.

In KZN in 2000, they started their Home Store concept, where almost everything for the home can be purchased under one roof. This proved to be such a success that two years later, in 2002, they took the concept to Gauteng. Future plans include a presence in Cape Town and possibly internationally. While supplying new appliances has become a major part of the business, Hirsch’s has not forgotten its roots and they still carry out repairs and service any appliance for their customers. They also supply spares for any products that they sell. More recently, Hirsch’s entered into the electronic and gaming side of the industry and they have the most knowledgeable and experienced people specialising in hi-tech, including cameras, laptops and gaming equipment.