iWorld - Head Office

139 Josiah Gumede Road, Pinetown, 3600, Kwazulu-Natal


iWorld started out in 2012 as a small family concern and given the rapid acceptance in the market, stores in the Gateway, Westville and Hillcrest areas were opened. Subsequently, the micore group has acquired a majority stake in the business and has reconsidered it’s store locations and viability, with 2016 promising a roll out of stores countrywide.

The iWorld ethos focuses on people not products, systems or profits. From staff to customers, people are what life and business is all about, therefore we strive to provide the right solution and expert advice always.

iWorld repair turn around time can be as quick as 30 minutes and invariably you will find a great coffee shop nearby one of the stores which takes the pain out of having to wait a little. This all depends on our daily repair volume of course as well as the complexity of the job, but at the end of the day iWorld know how nasty it is to be without your favourite apple device!