Jason Bakery

185 Bree Street, Cape Town, 8001


Jason Lilley rose to fame in Cape Town as the man behind Bree's Street's Jardine Bakery.

Fondly dubbed 'Captain Bread' after his Twitter alias, Lilley is revered for his selection of baked treats including home-style breads, cakes, pies and most of all, croissants.

Jardine Bakery became renowned in Cape Town as a haven for those who love the smell of freshly baked croissants first thing in the morning, crave a sandwich from heaven for lunch, a chocolate brownie like grandma used to make in the afternoon or a really really good cup of coffee any time of the day!

On the 1 April 2011, Jardine Bakery made way for Jason, a venture created by the venue's well-known proprietor. Housed in the very same premises, Jason offers Croissant-addicts their daily fix, but will also an extensive a la carte menu and more seating for customers inside.