KZNSA Gallery

166 Bulwer Road, Durban


The KwaZulu-Natal Society of Arts Gallery is located within the Durban suburb of Glenwood, and was established over a century ago. Founded in 1902 by Cathcart Methven and Leo Francois, the first exhibition was held in London Chambers in West Street, and was officially opened by Mayor Charlie Henwood. In the 1980s the NSA moved its premises to Overport Centre and later in 1995, moved to its present location in Glenwood. 2005 bought with it the renaming of the NSA, as the KwaZulu Natal Society of Arts, which is currently the province's leading gallery for contemporary visual culture.

The gallery is housed in a building which was designed by an award winning architect, and regularly exhibits the work of established artists of both provincial, national and international reputation. The KZNSA has five exhibition spaces. The Main and Mezzanine Galleries show contemporary art. The Nivea Gallery, supported by Beiersdorf, focuses on the works of emerging artists. The Electric Gallery is a multimedia and audiovisual space for exhibitions of installations and new media, and is also home to the prestigious Young Artist Project.

NSA Arts Cafe
Set in the heart of Glenwood, the Artscafe is a world class gallery-cafe which is passionate about serving food and coffee of the highest quality in a caring and professional atmosphere.The Artscafe not only serves visitors to the KZNSA Gallery but also the greater Glenwood Community with cafe cuisine and coffees using the best quality local and /or organic products.

Although the recently refurbished KZNSA shop exists primarily as a financial support to the organisation, it also aims to provide a platform for Durban-based/South African artists and craftsmen to sell their products. The KZNSA shop offers a large mix of locally produced and imported goods and presently supports 70 -100 local craftspeople on a monthly consignment basis. It is closely involved in initiating and designing new wares in conjunction with them; introducing new techniques and materials in an effort to upgrade and extend their abilities while also encouraging originality and quality.