Lionshead Bar

103 Bree Street, Cape Town



Opened in November 2012 by Marlon Shaw, Lionshead Bar is distinct in its complete indistinction.

Set on creating a space that could never be pegged as reminiscent of another world city or attached to any particular scene or subculture, Marlon has adopted an extreme bare-basics approach, crafting an all-grey interior that is severely simple and minimalist, devoid of any form of adornment whatsoever (the diagonal bar and a few tables and benches are the front room's only features).

Rather, he's chosen to focus on good drinks, great music and interesting people to make up the decor.

In terms of drinks, the focus is on diversity, quality and, most importantly, affordability. Lionshead serves a wide choice of well-priced commercial and craft beer - think Jack Black Lager and Lumberjack Amber Ale on tap, bottled Darling Brew Silver Back and Slow Beer, Brewers &Union's Steph Weiss, Berne, Versus Goliath, and more - as well as a limited range of local wine, Jorgensen's vodka and absinthe, 100% agave Mexican tequila, an assortment of whiskies, rums, brandies and shots, and a marula mampoer house cocktail.

What's more, for committed teetotallers, there are a series of decadent milkshakes and Deluxe Coffeeworks coffee.