Louco Molho Piri Piri - Western Cape

Western Cape

The story begins at Neptunes Lodge and Beach Bar, Mozambique. This is the start point of Louco Molho, literally translated, Crazy Sauce. Louis Trichardt aka Louco Louis, (yes the person - not the place), was wanting to spice up his food a little. Unfortunately, there were not too many options available in terms of what his tastebuds wanted. He always felt the need to tweak the sauce.

So Louis, being the creative mastermind that he is, decided to make his own! He embarked on a journey of research into what goes into a good piri piri sauce, what a traditional Mozambican taste could be defined as and what the best ingredients were to accomplish this.

Along with consultation with local Mozambican folks many recipies were made, remade, improved upon and tweaked. The stunning end result is a sauce made from local Mozambican product (you can almost hear the waves in the background) that dances across your taste buds and brings your food flavors to life.

Louco Molho Piri Piri sauce is a product that will compliment all those traditional Mozambican dishes - piri-piri prawns, chicken livers, Portuguese steak & prego rolls - and many more of your own. It can be spread on your fried egg or used for dunking your hot chips.

The traditional taste of Mozambique. Made with local knowledge of the best ingredients. No preservatives or artificial colourants.