Moses Mabhida Stadium

44 Walter Gilbert Road, Durban


With its arch of triumph, the Moses Mabhida Stadium is a defining landmark similar to Sydney's Opera House or The London Eye.

In addition to this internationally acclaimed engineering feat, the multi-disciplinary aspect of the stadium's design allows the stadium to host a wide range of sporting and cultural events, putting it on a par with other international venue's such as the Stade du France and Wembley Stadium.

The Moses Mabhida Stadium has changed the way we view sporting venues in South Africa. A stadium may be venerated as the scene of many an epic clash, but it need not be a monolith that only comes alive on "match day" - or when the members of the band plug in their guitars.

A tourist attraction in its own right, the SkyCar will ferry up to 20 visitors to the stadium archs highest point, where they can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city. The SkyCar consists of a single cabin mounted on an undercarriage that runs along steel tracks fixed to the top of the north arch.

Monday - Sunday 9am to 6pm. Last SkyCar Trip at 5:30.

Stadium Tours
The Moses Mabhida Stadium offers guided professional, general and school tours. The professional all access tour covers the following areas:

  • VIP Presidential suites and atrium
  • Banqueting facilities
  • The stadium competition area including the state of the art change rooms and players mixed zone and tunnel
  • The hallowed 2010 World Cup Semi-final venue pitch
  • The stadium window looking on to Durban's CBD and glorious coastline
  • Imbizo Place lifestyle retail area

Adventure Walk
The southern legs of the arch incorporate an Adventure Walk. Visitors will be issued with safety equipment and, under the watchful eye of qualified instructors, will be able to make their trip to the top of the arch (and down again) via some 550 steps.

Saturday and Sunday only: 10am; 1pm; 4pm

Big Rush Big Swing
Take the plunge and try the Big Rush Big Swing at Moses Mabhida Stadium. This is the world's only stadium swing and the largest swing of any kind anywhere. Jump into the void 106 metres above the pitch and swing out in a huge 220 metre arc under the iconic arch.

Segway Gliding Tours
Segway Gliding Tours is an eco-friendly and adventurous way to tour the Stadium and its surrounds. Join us and experience the ease of riding a Segway, take in the sounds and sights of Durban, and experience the famous “Segway Smile” which everybody shows while riding a Segway.