Motherland Coffee Company

Shop G22, The Zone Phase 2, Oxford Road, Rosebank, Gauteng


Motherland Coffee Company, offers premium African coffee to the world through their cafe and the retail of coffee. Typically, when one thinks of premium coffee brands they are usually European or American. Motherland Coffee Company breaks this stereotype, pioneering a coffee brand inspired by African coffee heritage.

When it comes to Africa, Motherland Coffee Company, believes in the uplifting potential of Fair trade and not aid alone, which is why all their products are sourced from various African regions under direct Fair Trade principles. You'll soon be able to see how a Motherland Coffee purchase supports this movement on line.

Motherland is a brand that rethinks the concept of Africa, recognizing its immense potential, honour and heritage. Africa has been sidelined and misunderstood, as a place of disease, conflict and poverty. But Africa's time is now.