Nino's - Bedford Square

Bedford Square, corner Linder and Smith Road, Bedford, Gardens Gauteng


At nino's they are passionate about three things: their expertly brewed coffee, serving delectable food, and giving back.

Their food is made from the freshest ingredients, offering an unparalleled taste experience. Their newly launched menu takes you on a culinary journey of tastebud-tantalizing meals.

So, start your morning the nino's way with a choice of traditional hearty breakfasts coupled with a freshly brewed Caffe nino's.

Their freshly baked tostini, tramezzini and bagels are brimming with mouth-watering toppings.

Their basket selection and crisp salads are perfect for every snack time treat and nino's famous burgers, wraps and pitas are enjoyed anytime of the day.

At nino's it's all about tradition. Enjoy cheesy pizzas and Italian pastas made to perfection. As with all things Mediterranean, opulence is a prerequisite and nino's signature dishes typify this tradition.

Their succulent sirloin is served with fries and their tender chicken breasts are served with roasted vegetables and fries. Complete your experience with their selection of cool refreshments, Chillas, smoothies or fresh Sir Juice.