70 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg


Post is simply an eatery. With little emphasis on conventional branding and an ethos of re-use and restoration from inception, the "brand" of post is communicated in the experience. The materiality of the store itself, reclaimed timber and steel, and glass pay homage to the location referencing surrounds and the story of the city.

The food served embraces this stance - locally sourced, seasonal, immediately prepared and accessible.

The menu is tailored for city users, offering the freshest pick up and go quality sandwiches, salads and the finest coffee.

Post offers delicious street-style food (breakfast, sandwiches, salads, treats) created from the most locally available products and the finest coffee north of the railway tracks.

The store and people involved aim to establish a relationship with the street, the block , the city and its people - offering a space that is universally accessible with the possibility of individual personal experience - an eatery that's brand/identity is communicated through the experience, relationship, food and coffee.

Post leans on the legacy of storytelling in Johannesburg, the name itself has many stories to it, a post, a location, a position, a station, a situation, a place, a journey, a route and a destination. Post embodies a reference to heritage, context, progression, anonymity and personal experience.