Riekert Cloete Photography

57 Via Toscana , Rosedale estate, Goedemoed Durbanville 7550


Some people say I was blessed with the ability to capture the essence of someone on film. If this is the case I am grateful. I know that gifts are exactly that. Gifts. Thus, I don’t take credit for it. I give thanks.
I am not going to bore you with photography talk. I would rather tell you a little bit about myself.
I am a 33 year old kid who can’t believe that he’s living his dream! I love gorgeous wife Iza, my family, sports, music and I will try anything new.I am curious. About everything.I have an obsession with photography. I can talk about it 15 hours non-stop.
I love people. And I love weddings. With that, I also love my country and I am proud to be a South African.
My philosophy on wedding photography
I believe that documenting one’s legacy is an honour and privilege. I will tell the story of your wedding day to your children with these photographs. Documenting social interaction between those close to you and helping to create a family history will be my privilege. It’s a huge responsibilty and I don’t take it lightly that’s why I’ll approach it with respect.
I have a lot of pride in my work. If you want to book me for the sake of just getting a photographer and because everyone says so, please don’t do it. Rather book someone else. But, if you are passionate about what stories photographs can tell afterwards, then I am your photographer.
Drop me an email or call me if you would like more info on the services that I provide.
Riekert Cloete