Robertson Winery MTB Challenge

Voortrekker Road, Robertson, 6705

Robertson Winery is happy to announce a new venue and four exclusive routes that have never been used before for the Wacky Wine Weekend MTB! The event will start and finish on the same premises as Robertson Winery’s various Wacky Wine activities, so expect great food, live entertainment and more!


The 70 km route is for the serious riders. This will be the first year that we’ll host such a long distance and we look forward to see the endurance riders tackle this one. It will be tough and technical with a total climb of about 1400m. Please do not attempt it if you don’t pedal this far on a regular basis.

The 50 km route is a rewarding route for fit riders and includes challenging and technical climbs and descents. Only experienced riders should attempt this route.

The 30 km route is a pleasant ride through vineyards and over gentle hills and is not as technical as the longer routes, but will still provide a good challenge.

The 10 km route is held on jeep tracks and is suitable for children and novices.