Robin Hood Foundation

City Hill Church, 9 Greenmeadow Lane, Hillcrest, Kwa Zulu Natal


he Robin Hood Foundation is an NPO that was formed in 2005 and registered as an NPO in 2007 and is run by a team of trustees who all work on a voluntary basis. The Robin Hood Foundation aims to mobilize resources from businesses and individuals to poor grannies and needy mums in disadvantaged communities. The people that are helped are known personally by the church workers and community workers and all donations are handed directly into the hands of people who need them.

The Robin Hood Foundation has three major projects which run during the course of each year that we are appealing for funding for, namely:

1. Gogo Bags: Supplying bags of groceries to grannies and orphan headed households.

2. Love the Babies: Supplying bags of unwanted and used baby clothes and goods to needy mums with new-born babies in poor Aids affected communities.

3. Bless a Granny & Grandpa: Elderly “forgotten” folk at old age homes are given a wrapped gift at Christmas, Valentines, Mothers & Fathers Day containing toiletries and treats and sweets.

4. Child Headed Households projects are hosted every term in order to provide some relief and hope to the orphaned and vulnerable children highlighted to us by the Christian Social Services and other community liaisons through our HOPE projects, due to alarmingly inflated figures of children orphaned to AIDS in KZN.