The Coffee World

439 Sydney Road, Congella, 4001

Coffee World was founded in 2002 and prided itself back then on selling high quality imported coffee. Over time the South African coffee consumer became more sophisticated and so evolved the trend for locally roasted coffee. This created a dynamic explosion in the local coffee industry as coffee was more affordable and fresher; and therefore tastier.

Coffee World saw the gap and adapted with this trend and shifted away from importing coffee into crafting their own blends to suit the demand for different flavours.

To date Coffee World has Crafted 6 unique coffee blends and also sells and maintains a variety of coffee machines for home, office and restaurant use.

At the helm of Coffee World is Itai Mizrachi;  a humble ‘Local Legend’ in the Coffee industry whose many many hours of personalised service and experience has made Coffee World one of the best home and office coffee solution providers in South Africa.