TopSail House Lodge

176 St George's Street, Simon's Town


TopSail House Lodge is set in the original old convent primary school first built in the 1850's by Italian craftsmen. The school was closed in 1970 but it has left behind the peace and serenity associated with the Dominican Order. The building is off the main road of the town in beautiful gardens where you can relax with an evening sundowner.

The accommodation comprises single rooms the original nun's cell, double rooms, double rooms with en-suite bathroom and family rooms. They also have self-catering units converted from old classrooms that sleep 4/5 people. Tea and coffee are provided free in the lounge. All TopSail House Lodge rooms are fully serviced, linen and towels are supplied.

If you're travelling round South Africa on a tight budget or looking for a place to spend the night, the week or even the month, TopSail House in Simon's Town is the perfect place for you.

TopSail House Lodge offer clean, comfortable and affordable accommodation with the same amenities as a "Budget Hotel", but are priced like a "Backpacker Hostel".