Triple M Metering

416 Theuns van Niekerk Street, Wierda Park, Centurion, Gauteng


An extensive range of expertise is available. Triple-M has painstakingly built up an exceptionally strong team with an extensive range of expertise in the metering industry. This successfully guides our company to be one of the leading authorities in the field.

All of our services we provide are goal driven and client focused. We set and demand the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity.

When a decision has been made by the Trustees of a Body Corporate, Property Management agent or HOA, to make use of the Services of Triple M Metering, a meeting will be set up with one of our senior personnel at Triple M Metering, to set up a contract and explain how the take over will proceed

Triple M Metering will sign up for the main electricity and/water account at the relevant city council, pay the required deposit and manage the account.

Triple M Metering will send out letters as well as application forms to all the tenants/owners residing in the Complex or building informing them that we will manage the electricity and/water from the inception date.

The application forms with the supporting documentation together with a security deposit needs to be submitted to Triple M Metering before the inception date. No interest will be earned on the deposit. On the inception date an employee of Triple M Metering will visit the premises to map the building with the meters and take the first readings and install service meters for all common areas that have not been metered.

Existing buildings: A new tenant will have to complete an application form with the supporting documentation and pay a deposit, 48 hours in advance of moving into the complex/building. No electricity can be supplied if the above requirements have not been met.