UrbanArt Projects

Space 4, 70 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg


UrbanArt Project was established to initiate, develop and produce projects in visual arts, broadcast media, film and TV. The company aims to be a platform for collaborative projects, encouraging crossovers in a variety of creative fields.

UrbanArt Projects work with emerging and established artists, filmmakers, designers, architects, publishers and musicians to bring shared projects to life.

The collective aims to be a part of an interrogative and constructive urban culture, which draws its references from its surrounding environment and by doing so, informs its visual sensibility and values.

UrbanArt Projects want to increase awareness of creative production through the projects they engage with and take full advantage of the ever-increasing number of platforms in the public domain.

The company provides training opportunities and has engendered approach to every aspect of its activities.